Rick Chapman’s bold visual sensibility makes it easy to see the threads connecting his Human portraiture and his Circle, Tree and Isolate series. A careful sense of design, intimacy, and texture emanate from all of Chapman’s images.

His portraits strive to explore that which ties us all together as humans, the essence of what is common to all of us. There is no formula for this. From Chapman’s perspective, the most successful portraits are the result of an intense two-way dialogue where something vital and universal is expressed and recorded. His best images reveal the energy of this rich mutual exchange.

What is it that we see in his celebrity portraits that we may also see in his portrait of a drifter or a portrait of his own brother? Composure, self-reflection and connection, no matter how brief, are all present. Humanity’s common ground is at the heart of Rick Chapman’s portraiture.

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Photos by: Garrett Burdick